Do you know how powerful you are?

How capable?

How gifted?

How full of peace and joy?

If you’ve forgotten, even in the slightest, this immersion event will help bring you back to that place of deep beauty and infinite possibility that lies within. You’ll shed unwanted burdens, old fears and negative beliefs all the way down to the cellular level. You’ll ignite your creativity and inspiration and connect to your higher self. Of course, you’ll also learn about your breath, it’s unique pattern, and how you can use it to make dramatic change in your life.

In this full-day event, we’ll do two full Transformational Breath® sessions as well as a Life Balance Assessment. You’ll learn about the “Breath Pattern Analysis” and we’ll use coaching and breathwork to set intentions and create deep, lasting change.

You deserve a magnificent life. Come reset, rejuvenate, and reignite!

Wear comfy clothes and bring yoga mat, pillow, and blanket.

Space is limited so sign up quickly!

$145/register in advance

Still Soul Studio
579 King Street
Charleston, SC 29403

questions? Reach out anytime!

October 26, 2019
10am - 5pm

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