Nicole offers a variety of opportunities designed to teach you the basics of Transformational Breath®. She also offers more advanced work that can continue to support you as you deepen your practice. Formats include one-on-one sessions, groups, workshops, ongoing classes and larger seminars and retreats. Connect with Nicole to learn more about what is best for you and your needs.

While Transformational Breath® is a self-healing practice, that is - once you learn the breath pattern you can use the technique on your own - practicing with a trained facilitator offers a level of support and heightened impact that is difficult to achieve in your personal practice alone, particularly for beginners. A facilitator will monitor your breath pattern and help you to achieve deeper levels of connection and insight, gently guiding you to places you may avoid in your personal practice.

Many people also find that breathing with a group is a special experience. With a group you can tap in to a larger flow and energy often raising the vibration in a way that is quite powerful.




This 7-part video series is perfect for you whether you're an experienced "breather" or brand new to breathing practices. You will be coached on the some of the intricacies of the Transformational Breath technique and guided through daily practices.


Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions are a great way to develop and deepen your breath practice with the help of a facilitator.

A typical session is approximately two hours and costs $150. However, duration and pricing may vary dependent on your individual needs.

These sessions are usually offered in-person but virtual options are also available in some cases.


Group Sessions

The dynamic energy of breathing in a group is quite powerful. If you have a small group that wants to breathe together, a special session can be designed and delivered. Prices range from $250 - $400 (2-5 people).

This can be a powerful opportunity for friends or family to breathe together.

For groups of more than 5 please inquire directly.

Connect with Nicole to learn more or to schedule an individual or group session.


30-Day Challenge Video Series + Facebook Group

This free video series covers a wide-range of different breathing techniques and is designed to help you strengthen your home practice.

These videos can be used in various ways - you can challenge yourself to complete one each day (a 30-day challenge) or watch them individually to learn more and try different techniques.

This series is great for newbies and experienced practitioners alike!

When you sign up you can also request an invitation to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and leave comments. Nicole is active in that group as well as others who have engaged in the video series so it is great place for support and additional learning - plus some fun and love along the way!!



Workshops are offered for all levels of breather - from beginner to advanced.

Check the calendar to see workshop schedule.

Introductory Workshops a great way for beginners to find out more about Transformational Breath® and begin to learn the breathing technique. Check the calendar for upcoming Introductory Workshops.

If you would like Nicole to offer a workshop in your area, connect with her directly.



Offered at various times throughout the year.

Classes meet more than once and help to bring deep and lasting shifts into your life.

Typically 6-weeks long, classes include weekly in-person breathing sessions in an intimate group setting and may also include personal coaching.

Each class will focus on a special topic or area of interest.

See the calendar for upcoming classes.


Seminars & Retreats

Seminars and retreats are longer events, ranging from a weekend to a week or more.

These experiences are much more immersive as you step away from your normal routines and take time out for yourself. The personal transformation that happens at these events is profound.

Yoga + Breathwork Retreats are currently scheduled for January 16-19, 2020 in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico and tentatively planned for later 2020/2021 in Costa Rica, Taos, New Mexico, Greece, and Holbox Island, Mexico.

These are special, once-in-a-lifetime events. See the calendar for more details or connect directly with Nicole to learn more.